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1. Please download the application

2. Complete the application and read through the terms and conditions

3. Make a copy of:

  • The certificate of commercial general liability insurance showing the Corporation of the Municipality of Mississippi Mills and the Ontario Clean Water Agency as an additional insured party
  • A copy of an MECP Certificate of Approval/License (as required under Section 27 of the EPA)
  • Any other required information.

4. Send completed form and all documents to:

The Corporation of the Municipality of Mississippi Mills
3131 Old Perth Road
RR # 2, P. O. Box 400
Almonte, Ontario, K0A 1A0
ATTN: Roads and Public Works Department

5. Fill out your user account registration form below.

6. Wait for approval.

All municipal approvals shall be given to the client in writing from this department.  You will also receive an email notification to let you know that you can schedule your deposits online by using the BOOK button.


Approval of this application allows the hauler to deposit hauled sewage at the Mississippi Mills Wastewater Treatment Facility subject to local policy, and all applicable Provincial and Federal Regulations.

This permit application does not address hauled waste or liquid industrial waste (as defined under Ontario Regulation 347) that is transported for discharge and that must be transported with a manifest in accordance with the regulation.