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New Facility

Treatment Plant

The Municipality of Mississippi Mills has successfully completed the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant at 212 Wolf Grove Road on the site of the former wastewater lagoons.  This $24.7 million dollar facility was funded as part of a successful grant application submitted by the Municipality under the Building Canada Fund (2010).  This grant program saw the local municipality contribute 1/3rd of the overall project cost with the balance of 2/3rd funding provided by the provincial and federal governments.  The new wastewater treatment plant was designed by Genivar Consultants and construction was completed by North America Construction (1993) Ltd.  The official commissioning date of the new facility was July 25, 2012


For the Community

The new plant presently offers capacity to serve the growth needs of the Almonte Ward through to 2031 when the population of the serviced area is expected to reach over 8,000.  The new sewage plant will also provide environmentally responsible treatment alternatives for septage materials which are pumped and hauled from private septic systems in the rural areas of Pakenham and Ramsay.  In addition, this new facility will serve to address the following community needs:


Resolve health and safety concerns regarding the structural integrity of the lagoons.


Meeting the current provincial water quality requirements for effluent discharges to the Mississippi River.


Increase energy efficiency and environmental performance.


Addressing the needs of long term and sustainable growth.


Provide an environmentally responsible treatment alternative to address hauled sewage other than the practice of land applying untreated wastes.


Improve air quality concerns in the area of the existing lagoon facilities.

Hauled Sewage Waste Fees and Rates

Annual Hauler Permit Fee – $300.60

Annual Hauler Permit Revision Fee – $166.59

Liquid Sewage (holding tank waste – generated in Mississippi Mills) – $4.18/cubic metre

Liquid Sewage (septic waste – generated in Mississippi Mills) – $11.23/cubic metre

Liquid Sewage Material (holding tank and septic waste – generated outside of Mississippi Mills) – $26.75/cubic metre

BY-LAW 15-10 Hauled liquid waste fees and rates

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